Welcome to Vasudevavilasam

Ayurveda, thousands of years old Science, in its near perfect form, was developed by the learned Sages of the ancient era, gives pure form of good mental, physical and spiritual stability to the human being.

Here in Vasudeva Vilasam Ayurveda Pharmacy we are adhering to the good old methods and serving community for more than 120 years. Now being managed by the 3rd and 4th generation members of the Vasudeva Vilasam Family – a proud heritage.

We are housed in front of the majestic and serene Temple of Lord Padmanabha, on the bank of Padmatheertham Tank. Lord Dhanwanthari, god of health and Lord Padmanabha gives us courage, strength and determination to continue our effort to serve the humanity and to propagate Ayurveda, even in very severe set backs. We are proud to be one of the oldest Ayurvedic institutions in Kerala.

Vasudeva Vilasam Group

Vasudeva Vilasam Ayurveda Medical Pharmacy
Vasudeva Vilasam Panchakarma Centre